Bible prophecies related to the preservation of Israel

What are some Bible prophecies related to the preservation of Israel?

Perhaps no other group of people has endured as much persecution as have the people of Israel. Among other tragedies, the people of Israel have survived 400 years of slavery in Egypt, and the near-total destruction of their homeland by the Assyrians and Babylonians, as well as the devastations caused later by the Romans.

Below is a selection of Bible prophecies that foretold of the preservation of Israel.

  • Counting Abraham’s descendants would be like counting the stars (Genesis 15:5).
  • Father of many nations (Genesis 17:5).
  • God promised to restore the Jews (Isaiah 27:12-13).
  • God will never forget the children of Israel (Isaiah 49:13-17).
  • The Jews would survive Babylonian rule and return home (Jeremiah 32:36-37).
  • The people of Israel will never be completely destroyed (Leviticus 26:44).